Welcome To Tube Dude! Keep Smiling!

Hi, Thanks for stopping by my web site!

If this is your first encounter with Tube Dude, you might ask yourself, what does this funny looking thing do? Well quite simply, we make people smile! Sure some of us have jobs like collecting your mail, or holding your fishing pole or working in your garden, but truly it’s all about the smile.

We are handmade and completely welded right here in America by highly skilled artisans. We are made of high quality aluminum so we do not rust. Then we are covered first with one of over a hundred and fifty different color of powder coat and then coated again with a protective clear coat that keeps us shining for decades.

I can be shipped anywhere in the world, in fact at present I have over 2,000 brothers and sisters living in 38 different countries. So let us do our job and spread some smile where ever you live.

Thank you,
Tube Dude

Group Photo