Ways You Can Get New Customers in 2023

Would you like to attract new customers to your business?

Well, that question hardly requires a response because the answer is an easy and resounding YES! The good news is that there are multiple ways to do this, and all you have to do is purposefully put them into action.

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Visit Tube Dude at the 33rd Annual St. Armands Art Festival

Have you been waiting for a chance to meet Tube Dude in person?

The correct answer is “yes, on pins and needles!” Well, we have terrific news then. You’ll finally have the chance to meet the creator of Sarasota’s most innovative hand-crafted metal art at the 33rd Annual St. Armands Circle Art Festival.

Tube Dude will be there at St. Armand’s Circle during the festival weekend, November 12th and 13th.

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Celebrate National Cat Day with Tube Dude!

The eminent celebration known as National Cat Day is almost here. Yes, Tube Dude invites you to join him in celebrating this October 29th. Here’s a quick blurb on what this commemoration is, and how to celebrate it with hand-crafted tube creations.

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8 Tips to Grow Your Business

Businesses cannot afford to be stagnant for long. Most of us know that if you aren’t growing, you’re declining, so you can only disregard growth issues at your peril. Fortunately, we know many ways to invigorate your business and enjoy years of success selling valuable goods and services.

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